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 Fundraising Partners

Chemo Comfort has partnered with a number of companies to help us raise funds, while our supporters get other services. Please take a look at these organizations.

Amazon Smile
Chemo Comfort has partnered with Amazon Smile. You can do all your Amazon shopping and support Chemo Comfort at the same time! By going through this portal, you allow Amazon to donate .5% of your purchase to Chemo Comfort.

You can order cards for your business or personal use. These can be holiday cards, thank you cards, any occasion cards. You get beautiful personalized cards and Chemo Comfort receives 20% of your purchase.

This organization works to get people to donate to worthy charities as presents for many occasions. Visit our page and you can make a donation that would enable us to provide a person in need with a Chemo Comfort Kit.

eBay GivingWorks
Chemo Comfort is a registered charity with eBay Givingworks. If you sell something on eBay, you can specify that a percentage of your profits be donated to us - you choose how much!


This is a recycle program. You can recycle your used inkjet cartridges and cell phones and we will receive cash.  Go to the website and request that mailing supplies be sent to you. These supplies will have Chemo Comfort's information on them and all you have to do is fill the box and send it in! We will receive the proceeds from your recycling efforts and the environment will reap the benefit.

Givenik enables you to get discounted theatre tickets to many hit shows then donates 5% of your ticket purchase to Chemo Comfort. Go to Givenik.com, enter our organization code (“comfort”) or select us from the drop down menu. You get discounted theatre tickets and the knowledge that you are supporting Chemo Comfort as well as the arts.

GoodSearch.com was founded by a brother and sister who lost their mom to cancer and wanted to find an easy way for people to support their favorite causes. Powered by Yahoo so you get the same great search results you are used to, Good Search directs money to charities with every click. Select Chemo Comfort as your charity and they will donate to us! If you use GoodShop as a portal for your online shopping, we receive a percentage of the purchases you make. If you use GoodShop as a portal for your online shopping, we receive a percentage of the purchases you make from stores such as Amazon.com, Target and Macy's! Coupons are available here too!



All information and advice are anecdotal. We are not medical professionals and do not dispense medical advice. Chemo Comfort comes from the founder's desire to share what she learned during her cancer experiences.

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