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Kits include:

•    Toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush and lozenges to help manage mouth sores and chemo burn/thrush
•    Teas and crystallized ginger for nausea
•    A meditation CD for use during chemotherapy
•    Hand sanitizer
•    Sleep cap and satin pillowcase for hair loss
•    Warm socks
•    Book - Living Well With Cancer
•    Blank Book - for journaling or keeping track of medical information and symptoms
•    “Anne Marie’s Helpful Hints” - literature with hints from the founder of ways to cope with various aspects of this experience

The retail value of each kit is over $140.


We ship to the continental US only at this time.

All information and advice are anecdotal. We are not medical professionals and do not dispense medical advice. Chemo Comfort comes from the founder's desire to share what she learned during her cancer experiences.

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