At Chemo Comfort, we are looking for volunteers to do everything from assembling kits to running the volunteer program. Here is a list of things we need help with:

    Kit package assembly (this is done 1-2 times per month)    
    Kit package processing & mailing and product inventory
    Maintain website
    Public Relations, Events and Social Media
    Grant writing and research
    Office work paperwork, computer record keeping
    Donation processing

This is a growing organization we want to hear your ideas.

Please do not be intimidated by the list above. We are happy to have any donation of your time and effort. You can volunteer one hour a month or 20 hours a week, whatever works for you.

We appreciate your desire to help. To volunteer, please send us an e-mail and our volunteer coordinators will be in touch with you in the near future.

212-675-3786 (fax)
All information and advice are anecdotal. We are not medical professionals and do not dispense medical advice. Chemo Comfort comes from the founder's desire to share what she learned during her cancer experiences.

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