We are continuing to provide our Chemo Comfort kits during the Covid-19 crisis. Everything takes a bit longer, so your patience is appreciated. We have added a reusable cloth mask and an additional hand sanitizer to our kits. Please consider making a donation to assist us with these additions to our Chemo Comfort kits. Stay safe!

Our Mission

Chemo Comfort's concern is making life easier and more comfortable for the cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. Chemo Comfort provides resources that enable cancer patients to take positive, comforting measures for themselves, thereby empowering patients at a time when so much feels out of their control.

Chemo Comfort is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. We are an all-volunteer organization.


Fun at the Fair

Our Kits

Our Events

Chemo Comfort provides kits to cancer patients with products that help manage nausea, mouth sores, hair loss, and other side effects of chemotherapy.


Throughout the year, Chemo Comfort has 3 events:

Our Spring Raffle (in May) - This year's raffle is May 23, 2023. We are busy gathering prizes and will be posting them soon!

Confections for Comfort (in June) - June 4-11 are the dates for this year’s Confections for Comfort. We look forward to sharing our participants with you soon.

Cocktails for Comfort (in October) - This October will be our ninth annual Cocktails for Comfort. Learn about last year’s participants and their cocktails here.


Chemo Comfort is an all-volunteer organization

Your donations help us provide Chemo Comfort kits to cancer patients nationwide.

We are a 501(3)c organization, so your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.