Female Chemo Comfort Kit
Female Chemo Comfort Kit
Male Chemo Comfort Kit
Male Chemo Comfort Kit
Kits include:
•    Toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush and lozenges to help manage mouth sores and chemo burn/thrush
•    Teas and crystallized ginger for nausea
•    A meditation CD for use during chemotherapy
•    Hand sanitizer
•    Sleep cap and satin pillowcase for hair loss
•    Warm socks
•    Book - Living Well With Cancer
•    Blank Book - for journaling or keeping track of medical information and symptoms
•    “Anne Marie’s Helpful Hints” - literature with hints from the founder of ways to cope with various aspects of this experience 

The retail value of each kit is over $140.
Brands of kit items may vary due to supply issues.