Female Chemo Comfort Kit

Chemo Comfort Kit

Chemo Comfort Kits are a toolbox for chemotherapy patients. When given a Chemo Comfort Kit, patients don’t have to figure out practical things such as which toothpaste to use or where they can find a sleep cap - everything they need is handed to them.

Empowering Patients

Providing ways to help patients help themselves is a primary goal of Chemo Comfort. Though having a cup of ginger tea for nausea may seem like a small thing, especially in the large tapestry that is cancer treatment, any sense of control is beneficial. On feedback forms, 100% of respondents would recommend a Chemo Comfort kit to a friend or family member undergoing chemotherapy.

Male Chemo Comfort Kit

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Cancer patients ordering their own kit are entitled to a subsidized kit rate. Please note this is only for patients paying for their own kit.

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